Runtastic Results Training App

Runtastic Results Training App 1.0.4

Get Fit and Healthy at Home

Get Fit and Healthy at Home with the Free Runtastic Results Training App
Anybody looking for a free personal training app that provides home exercises and promises results within 12 weeks will find the Runtastic Results Training App a good choice, it was last updated in mid November 2015. This training app has good reviews and you'll need Android 4.1 or above to run it. This app is 62M in size and provides a number of in-app products for purchase, if required.

The Runtastic Results Training App allows you to custom design your own training plan at home, where you have no external stresses or pressures and the exercises rely purely upon your own body weight, so you don't need equipment of any kind. When you initially start your exercise programme your personal fitness is tested and this forms the basis of the custom-designed programme you will be following.

You'll discover the following features with the Runtastic Results Training App:

  • Over 120 videos giving you full instructions on how to perform the strength building exercises in your personal fitness programme

  • Health and nutrition advice and tips to help you get the most out of your diet and ensure your eating is matched to your fitness routine. Lifestyle tips are also included.

  • Access to the Runtastic Community for support and motivation.

  • Bonus workouts to further develop strength and fitness levels.
  • This Runtastic Training App is a great choice for anybody needing to workout within the home environment. If you don't have time or inclination to join a gym or don't feel confident about social exercise regimes this is definitely the training app to help you build your body and fitness levels within the home and does not require any special equipment or accessories, so you won't need to make any financial investments at all when you sign up for personal training with Runtastic.

    Anybody who yearns to have a fitter, leaner body and build body strength will discover this useful and free app is a great way to achieve results and make lifestyle changes that can be followed for life.

    Runtastic Results Training App


    Runtastic Results Training App 1.0.4

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